Remote X-Ray Bomb Tech Support

SecureTech® is a simple, cost effective supplementary layer of subject matter expertise available to enhance screening programs anywhere in the world.

Expert Analysis

Certified subject matter experts that developed much of the TSA’s Radiography-screening database.

Real Time Repsonse

Instantly collaborate with industry leading bomb technicians who will guide the screener to fast security resolutions.


Compatible with all industrial x-ray radiography machines from large cargo systems to small parcel devices.



24/7 Support

Our bomb technicians are available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to provide screeners with needed expertise.

Cost Effective

Expertise without the associated price of onsite personnel. Cost mitigation should never weaken security.

Quality Assurance

All communications are recorded for quality assurance and our stored for client examination at any time.


How It Works

Our process allows clients remote access to the best, simplest, and most cost effective x-ray screening expertise. We want to provide screening programs the level of experience they need, anytime they need it.


Security Screening

A suspect item is identified by onsite security personnel and deemed to be suspicious.  The screener requires expert assistance to determine if the item is dangerous. Securetech support is requested.

Secure Cloud

A real-time video and voice connection is established with an offsite bomb technician. Data is transmitted to secure cloud network using government approved 128-bit AES and SSL, combined with RSA key encryption.

(powered by Citrix)

Remote Expertise

Suspect item data received and evaluated by offsite bomb technician live. Bomb technician collaboratively examines suspicious data to determine if a dangerous substance or device is present.

Million Airline Passengers per Year

Million Airline Passengers Screened per Year

Million Airline Passengers Screened per Day

Thousand TSA Security Breaches since 9/11

Proven Industry Intelligence

Our certified bomb technicians have hands on improvised explosive device (IED) experience in addition to operating every major radiography system currently utilized for package screening. They have had multiple combat tours as explosive ordnance disposal technicians working on hundreds of IEDS in multiple countries. Terrorists don’t work on a 9 to 5 schedule. Neither do we.

Pushing the limits of security.

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