How It Works

SecureTech® uses the highest level of commercial encryption and data securing technology through an industry leader, Citrix. Communication is reliable, secure, monitored for quality assurance and data logged. While personalized for the SecureTech brand, it operates through a well-established backbone that is superbly supported.

The Process:

Security Screening

A suspect item is identified by onsite security personnel and deemed to be suspicious.  The screener requires expert assistance to determine if the item is dangerous. Securetech support is requested. 

SecureTech® strives to provide the U.S. people screening market multiple layers of added security for both large and small clients. With our offsite subject matter experts available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, we can ensure that security screeners across the globe can feel confident in mitigating threats

Secure Cloud

A secure connection is immediately established between screening personnel and an offsite SecureTech® technician.

SecureTech® data is fully encrypted end-to-end using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and government-approved 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption combined with RSA public/private key encryption. Our tiered server architecture stores all data two tiers away from the Internet. Access is through a mediating application server.

Authentication is accomplished using the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol. SRP is resilient against a wide variety of attacks, including both passive eavesdropping and active password cracking.

Remote Expertise

Suspect item data is received and evaluated by offsite bomb technician live. Bomb technician collaboratively examines suspicious data to determine if a dangerous substance or device is present.

SecureTech® takes advantage of an industry leading fully-featured image processing engine to provide Tripwire EOD staff with the most desired and useful image enhancing functions.  Our technicians can remotely control the client’s computer to capture images, enhance and share potentially critical information. This software can process a variety of image types that include TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, BMP, RAW, and CMP.


All communications are stored, recorded, and available for client review at any time. Rich interactive reports are created and stored in our desktop-based report design software. With the help of Citrix, clients can examine and probe data, export reports to Excel and PDF for further analysis, and even present them as PowerPoint documents. SecureTech® software can also email, fax, or text information in real time based on developments within the client/SecureTech® communication. SecureTech® is customizable; we will set up email schedules to automatically send out your reports when you need them.